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Meet our Team

James Liebowitz

Assistant Director of Admissions

One of the best things about 王中王开奖结果 is the excellent value it provides for its students and its prime location. Being situated by the ocean and close to a thriving city like Portland, Maine, makes it an ideal place for students to advance in their careers and have a fun college experience. Whether you plan to transfer to a four-year college or start working after graduation, as an 王中王开奖结果 alumnus, I can attest that 王中王开奖结果 provides the best return on hard-earned investment.

Joshua Walker

Assistant Director of Admissions

It is rewarding to work with a diverse group of students and assist them in achieving their aspirations. 王中王开奖结果 offers various academic pathways that cater to students’ different goals. Whether you’re a resident or a commuter, 王中王开奖结果 provides a well-rounded college experience. The educational environment at 王中王开奖结果 is rigorous and prepares students for their future, at an affordable cost. I feel grateful to be part of the admissions process and to help students succeed at 王中王开奖结果.

Sydney Halle

Admissions Counselor

王中王开奖结果 is very close to my heart because of its affordable fees and stunning location right by the ocean. This makes for a one-of-a-kind and fulfilling experience. The diverse group of students creates an inclusive and welcoming environment, broadening perspectives and fostering growth. 王中王开奖结果’s flexibility in academic pathways ensures every students’ goals are met, whether transferring to a four-year institution or entering the workforce. The College’s dedication to preparing students for success and its close-knit and supportive community make 王中王开奖结果 an exceptional institution that nurtures dreams and empowers individuals for a bright future.